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Mali Lošinj

If you are asking yourself, why visit Mali Lošinj, whose harbour is said to be the most beautiful in the entire Adriatic, we ask you, why not? No doubt you will fall in love with Mali Lošinj at first sight. If you are looking for an amazing holiday, did you know that Mali Lošinj has over 2500 sunny hours year round? Sounds perfect for your sunny getaway! There are numerous reasons why Mali Lošinj should be your next destination.

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Mali Lošinj

Croatia's best-kept secret

Wild but at the same time gracefully filled with cosy corners, wild animals and plants is what makes Mali Lošinj an unforgettable rustic paradise. The therapeutic effect of the sea and herbs, sports and recreation, nature walks, rich history, comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine and obliging hosts, make Mali Lošinj the ideal place for you to visit during all parts of the year.


  • 1. Museum of Apoxyomenos

    The antique bronze statue of an athlete, 192 cm tall, taken from the sea bed between the islet of Vele Orjule and the island of Lošinj on 27 April 1999, is the only large bronze statue found to date on the eastern coast of the Adriatic.The original statue is kept in the Museum of Apoxyomenos in the center of Mali Lošinj, which is its new home and a permanent address.

  • 2. Fragrant Island Garden

    The garden is modeled after the island's fragrant paradise landscapes. It is a home to over 250 wild plant aromatic plants that give a beautiful aroma to the entire island. Lošinj is an island which, next to the Adriatic sea, lament all the seas of the world, thanks to the famous Lošinj´s sailors, who after distant overseas trips brought all kinds of unknown plants back to the island. More than 100 of these original plant species scent the complete picture of the garden.

  • 3. Calvary - The Way of the Cross

    Along the slope in the southern part of the city are freestanding chapels in a landscape, where you can find the 14 stations of the calvary also known as the famous Mali Lošinj Kalvarija. Chapels were built in the 18th century and were completed and consecrated in 1752. at the time of sudden Lošinjs prosperity, when this small village was growing into a town. Calvary ends with the cross of Golgotha and a small church.

  • 4. Underwater historical park

    In the underwater archaeological park you have the opportunity to experience the feeling of diving in conditions reminiscent of the reconstruction of the actual underwater discoveries. At the same time in a completely new and different way you can get to know the underwater world and cultural heritage of Mali Lošinj region. The biggest attraction of the underwater park certainly is a replica of the ancient bronze statue of an athlete, Apoxyomenos, which is a sort of a symbol of the town.

  • 5. The park forest Čikat

    Forest Park is a manmade ecosystem and is also the result of man's efforts to shape the landscape in a cooperation with nature. Čikat is a favorite destination for sport lovers and offers sports like waterpolo, sailing, windsurfing and diving school, as well as tennis and soccer club. It represents a big importance for tourism and recreation and also to excite the interest of visitors to local nature and natural values of the Lošinj island. There are also several attractive marked hiking trails.

Mali Lošinj

A walk through

Mali Lošinj has been famous since the antique times because of its important strategic and nautical position - the opulence of the various historical periods, the culture, natural monuments and the literature. Thanks to the mild climate, the warm winters and pleasant summers, Mali Lošinj welcomes many guests, scientists and travellers, who are attracted by the dense Mediterranean nature, rich tradition and arhitecture.

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Get lost in its wilderness, gracefully filled with cosy corners, narrow passages and herbal scents.



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