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Facial treatments

We are proud to partner with ‘Skeyndor’, bringing you results driven aesthetic facials. Skeyndor is classed amongs the most famous professional cosmetic brand names in the world and has won global awards for it’s innovative treatments and scientific skincare. Using their Mesoscience machine based on Nobel prize winning technology we are able to drive products down to cellular level, with excellent results. MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR has also designed a range of meso cosmetics, offering an extensive but controlled supply of active ingredients for each treatment. The active ingredients have been selected from among the most effective on the market, choosing those that adapt best to the characteristics of our equipment, thereby optimizing their effectiveness and maximizing results. Rediscover your skin’s natural radiance with multi layer peels, ultrasound or hydrating treatments, all of which harness top-quality products from Skeyndor. The outstanding effects are guaranteed, but our mission is accomplished only when a happy smile shines on your face.

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