OHM Group® charity event

The event called ˝Gorskom Kotaru s ljubavlju˝ was well attended and included: live shows, fashion shows, a performance of Disney´s popular animated movie ˝Frozen˝ with Elsa, Ana and Olaf and much more… OHM Group® donated 30.000,00 Kn to the charity organization ˝…i djeci s ljubavlju˝. The donation will make it possible to provide speech therapy cabinet in the city of Delnice, which will make life so much easier, for parents and children alike, especially since they won’t have to travel to Rijeka anymore. The charity event took place on Sunday, 4th of December 2016 at 11 am in Hotel Bristol by OHM Group®. The event was attended by deputy major of the city of Delnice, Mrs. Katarina Mihelčić, who gave a speech in which she personally thanked OHM Group for donating the entire amount needed for this valuable speech-therapy device