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Message from the CEO

Heimo W. Hirn

Life is a journey, full of endless and amazing adventures. A journey that is never completed. And you never know where that journey will take you.

This lifelong journey allows you to explore completely new countries, discover different cultures, traditions and rituals, but also teaches you to understand as well as respect them all.

Most importantly, you are crossing paths and meeting people in places that touch your heart and your soul. You become one with them as they change your way of thinking and, ultimately, the way you look at life.

Beautiful memories stick with you forever and you cannot forget them, so you keep remembering. And every time you remember, you bring a series of unique feelings back to life. In essence, you return to those same places and people, searching and rediscovering them all again.

We at OHM Group want to become one of those amazing memories. A destination and people that touch your very soul. We want to become part of your life’s journey and we want to be remembered like that, so that you want to come back to us, rediscover us, and yourself, again.

This is our strong belief, our passion and our mission within the OHM Group® family.



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